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Our lab, situated within the Department of Engineering at the University of Perugia in Italy, is part of a global network of researchers committed to investigating the intricacies of business and human dynamics. Our research is founded on the fundamental belief that we inhabit a world where everything is interconnected, including people, information, and events. To make sense of these connections, we employ Social Network Analysis and Text Mining techniques, underpinned by Machine Learning tools. This interdisciplinary approach enables us to unlock unprecedented possibilities for developing business analytics, interpreting big data, and discovering emerging trends and behaviors. Our research adopts a holistic perspective by considering social contexts in tandem with large-scale data analytics. We focus on supporting strategic decision-making by business managers through our business-oriented research, which specializes in areas such as brand management, organizational communication and behavior, and innovation management.



In our research, we combine methods from network science, natural language processing and machine learning with theories from the social sciences, psychology, humanities and linguistics to advance knowledge and discovery about management, society and information systems. Among other things, we specialize in brand management, organizational communication, organizational behavior, people analytics and innovation management.

  • Education

    We warmly invite scholars who are eager to expand their expertise in our research areas to join our lab. We provide high-quality PhD-level courses and are affiliated with institutions in Italy and abroad as training partners. Furthermore, we offer tailored courses for professionals, business managers, and policymakers seeking to deepen their understanding of our research domains. Our lab also plays an active role in publishing books and producing special issues for major scientific journals, as well as organizing conferences and events.

  • Consulting

    Our research is rooted in a business-oriented approach, which prioritizes practical applications that can assist managers and policymakers in their strategic decision-making processes. We employ a flexible network logic that enables us to establish productive collaborations with both private and public companies, and offer a wide range of consulting and research services.

  • Software

    We specialize in developing software solutions that cater to the needs of researchers and data scientists interested in exploring the domains of text mining and social network analysis, particularly for big data applications. Two examples are:

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Author image Andrea Fronzetti Colladon University of Perugia

Author image Francesca Grippa Northeastern University

Author image Peter Gloor MIT Center for Collective Intelligence

Author image Anna Laura Pisello University of Perugia

Author image Fabrizio Montecchiani University of Perugia

Author image Barbara Guardabascio University of Perugia

Author image Johanne Saint-Charles Université du Québec à Montréal

Author image Pierre Mongeau Université du Québec à Montréal

Author image Luca Petruzzellis NYU Stern

Author image Stefania Bait UNIDO

Author image Cristina Ponsiglione Univ. of Naples Federico II

Author image Massimiliano M. Schiraldi Univ. of Rome Tor Vergata

Author image Lorenzo Tiacci University of Perugia

Author image Francesca Greco University of Udine

Author image Elisa Ughetto Politecnico di Torino

Author image Laura Toschi University of Bologna

Author image Ludovica Segneri University of Perugia

Author image Gulia Verdoliva University of Perugia

Author image Roberto Vestrelli University of Perugia